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Class Descriptions
Beginners Yoga
This is an ideal class for those who are new to Yoga ​ and who would like to learn about Yoga posture and desire a more in depth instructional class and how to use breath along with the postures.

Beginners/Level 1 Yoga
​This class covers breathing techniques and basic yoga postures. You will become more in tune with your body as you strengthen your tone. Additionally, through focus and relaxation, you will improve your breath awareness and control. 

Prenatal Yoga
Explore the physical and mental benefits of prenatal yoga. Learn which yoga poses are safe during pregnancy and discover the healing powers of breathing fully. Labor, birth and motherhood are meant to be beautiful states of being. This age old practice will show you how to be present in the most vitals times of both you and your baby’s lives. 


Level 1/2 Yoga
This class is designed to develop focus on "yourself," physical and emotional balance, strength, and flexibility. This class covers the basic breathing techniques and yoga postures. It takes the basic postures and goes deeper with optional variations. 
Yoga With Pilates
Pilates strengthens your core; it tones and lengthens the muscles in the trunk of the body, the abdominal and lower back. In this class, you will learn how releasing stress in one part of the body can improve mobility in other parts. Pilates decompresses joints and releases muscle tension and is especially beneficial for your back and neck. 
Kundalini Yoga
​This class is excellent for students of any level of any style of yoga and perfect for new students who have been searching for more conscious awareness. The class emphasizes in clearing the mind of stress, worries, troubles and made-up weaknesses in order to succeed and conquer the week to come.
Pranayama & Meditation
​Come experience the energy of group pranayama meditation with Ajita Patel, as we explore the journey within. With guided meditation, movement and breath work to release stress and create a deeper sense of calm leading to our inner sanctuary. Discover ways to release muscle tension and enhance your energy and immune system with pranayama. These powerful therapeutic breathing techniques will deepen your own inner healing and lead you to effortless meditation. 
Vinyasa Flow
Relax while receiving a strengthening workout in this 1 hour Vinyasa (synchronized breath to movement) styled yoga class. Ideal for anyone interested in strengthening, balancing, and detoxifying body and mind. This intermediate level Vinyasa flow will empower and challenge you to discover the strength that lies within you.
Restorative Yoga
This yoga class features gentle poses, the use of blankets and bolsters for relaxation as well as aromatherapy and massage. You will leave this class feeling relaxed and restored.

Therapeutic Yoga
​This is specialized class for those  with specific health conditions that may not be addressed in a group setting. Yoga sequences will be crafted to suit individual needs, so all can benefit from the experience of yoga.

Meditative Flow Yoga
This class is suitable for all levels. Centered around mindfulness, helping to bring your awareness to the present moment. Focused on aligning the breathe with the movement. Come ready to open your body and deepen your breath in this Hatha style class. The aim of this class is to accommodate all students; whether you are new to yoga or a continuing student looking to deepen your practice. Come as you are and move forward from there

Sivananda Yoga 
This is a complete yoga practice intended for all levels of students from beginner to advanced. The main focus in a Sivananda class is on deep breathing, rejuvenating relaxation, and gentle stretching. A sivananda class will give you lots of energy and recharge your soul on a deep, deep level. The class can be both challenging for advanced practitioners and recharging for beginners.
Level 1 Yoga
This class expands upon the Beginners’ class, offers in-depth instruction in the basic postures and simple flowing movements. In this class, poses can be sustained for longer periods of time or may move more quickly; modifications are always offered. Your awareness of your breath and body will increase. Your strength and balance will improve as your chronic tension releases.

Yoga Reiki
Yoga-Reiki class unites the two healing modalities for your overall well-being. Both are gentle; promote healing, and relaxation. On the physical, mental, and emotional levels. It features a combination of gentle & restorative yoga poses including the use of props when needed, breath work, meditation and Reiki healing treatment.
Level 2/3 Yoga
This class combines basic and advanced yoga postures with the broader concepts behind yoga and in-depth instructions for challenging poses. This class is geared toward those who seek to make yoga an integral part of their lives. It requires the strength and stamina of daily practice.

Yoga Rates

Single Class: $16 
5-class package $75*
10-class package $130*
20-class package $220*

Our 5/10/20 Class Packs Never Expire
Students $10 (Need Valid ID)
* 10% Senior (65+) discounts offered on 5/10/20 packs only

2 Week Unlimited $30 
New Clients Only
8-classes per month $80
12-classes per month $114
16-classes per month $144

** Minimum 6 months . Classes must be used within the month, no carry over. 
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