Massages At The Sanctuary

In addition to a deep state of relaxation and overall sense of well-being, the benefit of regular massage is to bring healing through the physical manipulation of muscle and joint tissue as well as the release of toxins. Further, regular massage can help relieve stress and anxiety as well as reduce heart rate and blood pressure. The Sanctuary offers Swedish, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Cranial-Sacral, Trigger-Point and Prenatal & Postnatal, Thai and Hot Stone massages.  
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The Sanctuary Wellness Center & Yoga Studio  505 W 1st Street, Tustin, CA 92780    714.617.4593.  welcome@awakensanctuary.com
Regular Massages   (60min)                                                $75
Swedish, Shiatsu, Foot Massage, Lymphatic, Prenatal

Regular Massages  (90min)                                                 $110
Swedish, Shiatsu, Foot Massage, Lymphatic, Prenatal

Special Massages  (60min)                                                  $95
Esalen, Aromatherapy, Sports, Deep Tissue, Reflexology

Other Massages   (60min)                                                   $95
Hot Stone, Thai, Myofascial Release, Cranio Sacral

Oncology Massage (60min)                                                 $75
A special massage that is tailored to the client's 
condition at every step of treatment from diagnosis 
to recovery and is modified for safe and maximum 
recovery throughout their journey.

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