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Bring A Friend To Yoga For Free In December

by Sanctuary on 12/05/16

In the month of December, bring a friend for FREE to our beautiful studio and experience the emotional, spiritual and physical healing of the science of Yoga.

If you are searching for Yoga classes to help you continue your journey to spiritual and emotional serenity, you may find the 'Sanctuary' you are seeking within our Yoga studio. When taking classes in a smaller, privately owned studio, you will find that the atmosphere may be different from a larger, chain owned studio. In a smaller studio and smaller class, you may feel more singled-out at first. Bringing a friend to your Yoga classes can help you be at ease in the beginning of your practice, not to mention help another Yogi discover their own personal peace. Work through your struggles with a friend by your side and enjoy the physical challenge and workout that is the practice of Yoga.

Our methods are authentic and original, and our teachers care deeply about your emotional journey throughout their sessions (and in your life outside of the studio). It is important to learn to use your newly found Yoga skills – such as meditation and relaxation – in your everyday life. As your practice improves, you may learn to concentrate in nearly any situation. 

Yoga classes range in a variety of styles and levels of difficulty, from beginner to advance – and even all the way to Yoga teacher training classes. As your Yoga skill improves and your love for the science (and art) of Yoga increases, you may choose to take the path of teacher as opposed to student. 

Learning to help other Yogis on their personal journey through the art of Yoga is a wonderful thing. Become skilled in various poses, meditation and different styles of Yoga. Learn about the history of Yoga, current trends, and the future of the practice. 

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1. DK said on 1/12/17 - 11:50AM
Thank You! It was so nice to practice with a friend before the holiday season

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