Elevating Your Yoga Practice : Insights
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Elevating Your Yoga Practice

by Sanctuary on 01/04/19

Yoga has been around for some time now but just in case you are not familiar with the many benefits of Yoga here are just a few of the physical benefits of a yoga practice : Improved flexibility, build and tone muscle, spine protection, bone health,  respiratory health, circulation health, adrenal gland regulation, increased focus, deeper sleep, and gives your immune system nice healthy boost. The metal benefits have also now been proven in a randomized controlled study in Swedish prisons. After 10 weeks of yoga the prisoners reported a significant increase in emotional well-being, less antisocial behavior, and less aggression. These examples are just a few benefits now able to be proven by science.

Now lets jump off the yoga mat into the world of Aerial Yoga. First off, aerial yoga is completely beginner friendly, and if you have tried yoga and find some of the poses challenging the aerial yoga hammock is there to help aide and support you. Not only is the aerial yoga hammock used as a prop to help you ease into challenging poses but it also aides in balancing poses, supports inversions and deepens stretches while staying aligned. With the aerial hammock you able to move more freely with less effort to release tension on the bones and joints.  Aerial Yoga is a total body workout. Plus its just really fun and freeing being suspended in the air!

For those yogis with a solid yoga practice, this elevated yoga style provides an inspiring new take on traditional yoga. Working on handstands? The aerial yoga hammock is an amazing tool to help you build up the core strength needed and assist in finding the correct alignment for beautiful and confident handstands. The options are endless from high flying to the ultimate savasana suspended from the ground.

Other significant benefits include : increased pulling strength not found in traditional yoga, building core and upper body strength, refined and improved alignment in flexibility, offers all around cardio-metabolic benefits including improved blood pressure and cholesterol, also an all around lifted mood and better focus, and most significantly it creates space for a healthy back and spine due to hanging freely allowing more length and reduced pressure in the spine.

Aerial Yoga may seem intimidating at first but this newer form of yoga can be incredibly fulfilling in mind and body. This exiting form of exercise not only covers the general building of muscle and endurance like most traditional workouts, but also includes the more often forgotten importance of flexibility, stretching and core training. All of these forms of exercise just help you feel good about yourself and we all deserve to feel great!

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