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FRANCES PULLIN ~ Intuitive | Medium | Channel  | SPEAKER & HEALER
Frances Pullin is a channel of Amadeus Mozart and others, she is a psychic and medium. Her journey began in her early 20's and was toyed with until 2003 when her son left this plane. She has had a plethora of teachers in the many modalities she has studied.  Her current practice is held at the Sanctuary Wellness Center and Yoga Studio in Tustin, CA. Here she conducts Hypnotherapy Sessions, teaches classes in Automatic Writing, Love of Self and counsels clients in Spiritual Growth.  A wife, mother and Granny, she has written and published 'It is I, Amadeus; Channeled Messages from Spirit' which is her story and contains excerpts from her personal journals. 
ALLANA SEELY FOSTER ~ Natural Intuitive | Spirit Guided Healer | SPEAKER & HEALER
Allana believes that most of us yearn to reconnect with our innate ancestral wisdom and the wisdom of the universe for our ability to naturally thrive on this planet. This connection helps to serve us as a powerful guide when we accept our natural powers of healing, knowing and embrace the amazing power of healing love. Allana offers and teaches Usui Ryoho Reiki, Intuitive Reiki, Animal Reiki, Self love and Intuitive Empowerment. She also offers Space Clearing and powerful Sacred Ceremonies that are unique to your needs and wishes. During an Intuitive Reiki session, Allana creates a safe sacred space, and as a conduit of Reiki, she translates to you information she receives while balancing your chakra system for your highest good and healing. This information comes to her as symbols, colors, animals, angels, ancestors, sensations, words, phrases and more, that makes for an amazing and profound, deep healing experience. 
Maureen is a certified Akashic Record reader who assists clients to gain a deeper understanding of current life situations through aligning with the Akashic Realm.  The Energy and the Light of the Akashic Realm often brings clarity, peace, healing and more self acceptance.Many clients feel like an Akashic Record reading brings hidden parts of a puzzle forward. For some, it is like looking at a map and understanding why certain paths were taken. For others, there is more understanding of the Soul’s purpose. 
AJITA PATEL ~ Ayurvedic Doctor | Panchakarma Specialist |  Reiki Master | SPEAKER & HEALER
Ajita is a state cerified Clinical Ayurveda and Panchakarma Specialist. She received her Ayurveda degree from the California College Of Ayurveda and the American Institute of Vedic Studies. She has undertaken clinical and professional training from Dr. Vasant Lad, an Ayurveda Ashram in Kerala and at the AVP hostipal in Tamil Nadu, India.  Ajita is also a trained pranayam teacher with the Pajanjali Yog Peeth under the guidance of Swami Ramdev. She regularly teaches pranayama, meditation and conducts Ayurveda workshops in the community to address various health related issues. Ajita is a member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association).
SHELLEY J. HOFBERG ~ Clairvoyant | Medium | Tarot | Animal Communication | Aura Reader
Shelley can intuitively see and feel matters of the heart to help you see your present situation more clearly. In a psychic reading with Shelley she will not ask for the details about your life but will primarily rely on her gift of Clairvoyant and the intuitive wisdom of the Tarot to receive the answers that will be the most helpful to you about your relationships, financial concerns and your career path. Shelley will help you to be clearer about your present situation and change those areas of your life that need healing.  As an Animal Communicator Shelley can reveal what it is your pets thinking and feeling and their emotional health. And as a medium Shelley can connect with your love ones on the other side to receive messages.  Shelley has many gifts and has been sharing these gifts for over 35 years. She has been featured on ”NBC” and “The Discovery Channel” and has been included in feature articles in newspapers such as the Hollywood Independent and ”Ventura Star”. 
MAYRA RATH ~ Past Life Regression
Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Who you have been? Where you have been? A past life regression session will allow you to be guided to explore memories and visions revealed by your mind and soul. Mayra helps to align and connect you with your inner wisdom, by helping you release fears and trauma that may be coming from your past lives. Mayra is a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner certified under Dolores Cannon QHHT Academy and was certified as a Past Life Therapist in 1999 by the American Board of Hypnosis. She offers both in person and online sessions in her practice. 
AZRIEL GARCIA ~ Medium | Seer  | NLP Consultant
Azriel is a life long and active Seer | Medium and NLP Consultant. She utilizes here gifts and training in NLP as well as Reiki, Aromatherapy and Holistic Health and tailors her program to specifically meet the needs of each of her clients
SHELLY J. MILLER ~ Psychic Medium |  Intuitive Counselor | Akashic Records
Shelly J. Miller has had her Spiritual Gifts since birth and has been Reading and Coaching professionally for 30 years. Shelly reads at the Mastery Level, and can render deeply accurate and detailed Guidance on any subject. Personal Issues, Relationships of any kind, Career, Business and Finance, Health, Life Path, Relocating, Personal and Spiritual Growth. Her insights will help you to understand yourself and others as well as helping you to identify and release your blocks and lead you to a positive outcome. As a Medium, Shelly brings evidential and validating Messages to you from your Loved Ones and your Spirit Guides on the Other Side. Shelly also reads the Akashic Records bringing you Past Life information that can help you realize why you are drawing certain people and circumstances into your life. Shelly’s readings always lead you to clarity, healing and peace of mind. She Counsels from A Course In Miracles.  
DENISE TALANCON ~ Sound Healing Practitioner | Reiki Master | Herbalist | Yoga Nidra Facilitator
Denise has been training and educating in Spirituality modalities since 2012 and is a certified yoga teacher, sound healer, Usui Reiki Master, Tama-Do tuning fork practitioner, I AM Yoga Nidra Facilitator, and meditation + breathwork teacher living in North Orange County who has had the privilege of spending the last 4 years traveling the world and healing and training in prison + rehab yoga and meditation education with James Fox, sound and Qi Gong with the father of sound healing Fabien Maman, and Yoga Nidra with Renu Zagoria and John Vosler. She volunteers her time as the yoga and meditation teacher for various organizations in the community.