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Yoga Nidra, as taught by Jasmine Gallardo, is a guided meditation through your subconscious mind. Also known as Yogic Sleep, it is a chance for you to explore yourself in the space between waking moments and sleep, where your subconscious mind is more easily accessible.

Every week there is a different topic Jasmine will guide you through, from personal power, to negative self talk, to facing your fears.

This self-exploration happens with the aid of mild yoga stretches, mindful breathing, and progressive muscle relaxation to release anxiety and get you into a relaxed state.

This is not your traditional Yoga Nidra class and does not strictly follow the Swami Rama Himalayan Tradition. This class seeks to take advantage of Yogic Sleep to become more self-aware of our internal motivations, patterns, and thoughts that are often hidden behind the walls we build in our waking moments.