Dr Irene Lara ~ Integrative Therapy, Irene Lara, PsyD, Lcsw, Reiki Master-Teacher
As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Lara offers a blend of western and eastern practices, for an integrated Mind Body Spirit approach. It is an intuitive, heart-centered experience with 25 years formal training.

She completed her doctorate PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate Center for Child Development & Psychotherapy in West Los Angeles in 2013; received her Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA in 1994; is a licensed clinical social worker; trained in Kid’s Yoga by Kelly Wood, Karuna Yoga; Reiki training in the Usui method from Vera Saville 2010-2012, and has been mentored by Vera’s
Reiki Master-Teacher Marie Rientord. She is a certified Breath-Body-Mind clinician trained in 2012 by doctors Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg: authors, psychiatrists, yoga teacher, martial arts and Qi Gong Master.

Dr. Lara is trained in creating customized, personalized Bach flowers, and provides Pain Relief to the body using Vibrational Communication in person and via video-conference/ phone. She is (nearly) trilingual (English, Spanish, French), considers herself to be multi-cultural, a dancer at heart, and athlete.  Her specialties are: 

   * Intuitive Psychotherapy
   * Reiki
   * Belief, Fear & Experience Release
   * Breath-Body-Mind Coherence Breathwork: to be calm & alert (balances the sympathetic &  
      parasympathetic nervous system)
   * Customized Back Flowers (humans & pets - calms the body’s reaction to an emotional trigger)
   * pain relief via Vibrational Communication (creates space so the body heals  itself)

Make an appointment with her www.IreneLara.com or by calling her at  323.251.6471 or calling the Sanctuary at 714-617-4593
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