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Brian Braithwaite ~ Cryotherapist 

With a background in mental health, working for the County of Orange, National organizations and private practices, Brian has always had passion for helping people through hard times. Brian has had many loved ones with chronic pain issues and feels that these experiences did something to him. Brian simply can’t stand to see people in pain. After extensive research he found cold exposure therapy. Taking his grandparents to a local Cryotherapist, the owner remarked that he knew more about the process than even they did and if he had ever considered owning and operating a cryotherapy unit. Brian discovered a mission in life, to alleviate pain using an age old technique in concert with cutting edge technology.

Brian received his training under the instruction of Mathew Bergman and Cryo-Science North America, Inc. The cryotherapist sticks to skin temperature parameters set by current research. 55.4 degrees F provides analgesia (pain relief) while 59 degrees F provides relief from swelling. Brian decided on utilizing local body cryotherapy over whole body cryotherapy to be able to monitor these skin temperatures real time, provide a more comfortable environment with less contraindications, and better pricing. The ability to expose the face to the cold is also an important component to cryotherapy as many of the body’s thermo receptors are located on the face and head.
Brian seeks to treat those with chronic or acute pain sensitivities, those in drug and alcohol recovery, athletes, individuals seeking deep relaxation, individuals with skin conditions i.e itchy skin, individuals looking for an alternative to opiate based pain medications, individuals looking for an adjunct treatment during physical rehab. Liquid nitrogen has so many applications. Come experience the magical element for yourself.

The cryotherapist is available by appointment only. Services: Cryo Facial. Cryo Facial plus one body part. Cryo Facial plus multiple body parts. Cryotherapy on one body part. Cryotherapy on multiple body parts. Packages available: single treatment. 10 packs & 20 packs.  Brian also offers group packages and can customized treatments. Please call Brian for prices or information at 714-975-0104.