ATSUKO UCHIDA ~ Reiki Master | Spiritual Art

Atsuko Uchida is a Reiki master and an artist. Her mission is to heal and activate people with energy healing and art. She is originally from Japan where Mikao Usui started Reiki energy healing. She came to the U.S. in 1998 in search of freedom and better opportunity.

Atsuko worked as a corporate accountant in Japan and the U.S. for almost 30 years. After being involved in peace activism, she had the revelation that the world is in very deep and serious trouble with dysfunctional social structures, profuse amounts of pollution in the environment, unsafe food and the list goes on. Around that time she went through “dark night of the soul”. Because of the devastation and depression she experienced, her health was compromised, and she knew she needed to first heal herself before she could help other people. Her intuition convinced her to do something totally “out of the box” to help heal the world. Her inner search led to things one after another, and she encountered Reiki energy healing. 

Through Reiki attunements, she experienced a pillar of super high energy going through her body, and she came to the realization that this universe is multidimensional in nature, and our physical body is just a fraction of our vast existence. Reiki changed her life radically and for the better. Her world view changed significantly to the positive side and she is immensely grateful that she can now help others find greater health, well-being, and happiness. She does Reiki energy healing, energy reading, chakra balancing, and energy cleansing.

Atsuko is also an artist, creating art and fabricating things with her own hands allows her to live in the moment and expand her consciousness. Art was always her love, and she studied printmaking, sculpture (life, bronze) and jewelry fabrication at Fullerton College and Santa Ana College. She designs and constructs Reiki infused jewelry.  She has an online Etsy shop with her hand-made spiritual items such as art prints, screen-printed T-shirts, sculpture, and jewelry. Each piece of hand-made jewelry is infused with the healing energy that she brings to her creations. She is humbled by the love returned to her every time someone tells her how much her art means to them.

Atsuko may be contacted at 714-396-4879 or via email at: contact@hugolomo.com
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